Do You Tithe Out of Your Paycheck?

Question:  Do you only tithe out of your paycheck?

Answer:  There are false teachers in the Christian church that claim you should tithe (pay 10 percent) off every source of income in addition to your paycheck.  For example, if you receive a bonus check, disability check, a legal settlement or find money on the ground you should pay tithes off that as well.

This teaching is not biblical.  First, God commanded that the tithe be paid in the form of agricultural produce and cattle. In fact, wage earners in ancient Israel were not commanded to tithe because God did not want or accept a monetary tithe.  So paying tithes from paycheck or other source of income is not supported by scripture.

Second, God never commanded Christians to pay tithes in any form or fashion.  In the scriptures, tithing was practiced by ancient Hebrews (Israelites/Jews).  Once the New Testament was established the practice of tithing was replaced with voluntary, free-will giving.

Based on New Testament Christianity you can give out of your paycheck or any source of income.  Also, your giving is not limited to money or a specific amount of money.  You can give more than or less than 10 percent.  In addition, your giving is not limited to money.  You can give of our time, talents, etc.

The Apostle provides practical guidelines on how to give according New Testament principles (2 Corinthians 8: 11-14).

The answer to your question is that you are not required to tithe from your paycheck or any other source of income.  However, according to scripture, you are encouraged to give what you can in support of the ministry.

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2 comments for “Do You Tithe Out of Your Paycheck?

  1. Geovoni A. Howard
    December 9, 2012 at 11:18 PM

    Why do people send these poisonous things out to people. Tithing is all throughout the Bible! Not just the Old Testament but,in the New also. All of the Apostles gave their tithes and offerings at the temple. Even Jesus went to the temple! Tithing is part of a spiritual law and it is a perpetual statute that God has created. Just like spiritual law God created natural laws. In a natural law for instance, you cannot reap from ground that has nothing planted in it. You cannot continuosly take and not give back to what you are taking from,even the ground has limits. Because the Church has boundaries in the physical,it must replenish what it gives out in the physical. Point blank, tithing is necessary and it is a part of what God has established in this realm. Any thought contrary to that aids in the further decay of this world and the people in it!

    • R. Renee
      March 16, 2013 at 9:15 AM

      Consider these points:

      1. While tithing is mentioned throughout the Bible, it must be understood within the context of the Bible.
      2. The Apostles collected and gave money. Tithes and money are not the same. The biblical tithe consisted of agricultural produce (fruits, vegetables, grain, seeds, oils, wine, seasonings, etc.) and animals (e.g., oxen, sheep)
      3. Tithing is not a spiritual law. According to the Bible, tithing was a commandment under the Mosaic Law. Under the Law, tithes were required from SOME members of ancient Israel. The practice ceased with the destruction of the Jewish Temple and the establishment of the New Testament.
      4. GIVING is the perpetual spiritual law. Specifically, the New Testament encourages Spirit-led giving. Simply put, giving replaced tithing, and there is nothing wrong with Christians giving to their church.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your comments.

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