Is God a Mafia Boss?

SOME PREACHERS ARE using mafia-style extortion tactics when they’re trying to get their congregations to tithe. Their gangster gospel makes God look like a Mafia boss.



In the movie clip you just saw two representatives of a mafia boss are demanding payments from a local business in order to “protect” the business from possible vandalism. When the business manager refuses to pay this “protection” money the two mafia representatives employ a veiled threat that involves a possible assault on the manager’s life.

The mafia is known for extorting money from people.

Extortion is when someone uses threats of harm as a means of receiving protection money from you.

It seems that some preachers are mixing mafia extortion tactics with their tithing sermons.

Why do I say that?

How many times have you heard a preacher tell you something bad will happen to you if you don’t tithe?

For example, if you don’t tithe:

  • God will curse you
  • The devil’s gonna get you
  • You’ll lose your money
  • You’ll get sick
  • You’ll lose your job
  • Your marriage will fall apart
  • Your children will rebel

The list goes on and on…

Once these preachers have placed the spirit of FEAR in you they offer you a solution that will protect you from all of these bad situations: the solution pay God 10% of your income.

What they are saying is that you must pay God 10% of your income in order for God to protect you.

I don’t know about you but this sounds a lot like mafia-style extortion. In this scenario the preachers are representatives of the Mafia Boss, who in this case, is God. They collect protection money (tithes) on behalf of their Boss. If you pay tithes, the Mafia Boss (God) makes sure you’re protected. If you don’t pay tithes the Mafia Boss (God) will not protect you.

Needless to say, when it comes to ways of getting their congregations to tithe or sow financial seeds some of these preachers really know how to twist the Bible and how to threaten people their mafia-style extortion gospel.

The notion that you can tithe your way out of harms way is not biblical.

How do we know this?

Let’s take a look at two scriptures:

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all (Psalms 34:19, NKJV).

“We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” they said (Acts 14:22, NIV).

What does this tell us?

The scriptures make it clear that you can not avoid bad or negative things happening to you in this life. Afflictions and hardships are a part of life. They are a part of the Christian way of life. However, the Lord is there to get you through any afflictions and hardships you will encounter.

Furthermore, nowhere in those scriptures does it say, suggest or imply that you must pay the Lord 10 percent of your income and THEN the Lord will deliver you out of your afflictions.

Yes, God is a protector but God is not an extortionist or a Mafia Boss.


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