What’s the Difference Between Tithes, Offerings and Free-Will Giving?

Question:  I give offerings, not tithes.  Is that considered free will giving?

Answer:  The word offering in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, means to “give liberally; offer freely (willingly),” as defined by the Hebrew Dictionary.  So giving offerings and freewill giving are the same.  When you give an offering that is voluntarily you are engaging in free-will giving.

If you’re being pressured, coerced or manipulated into giving an offering then it is not free-will giving because you are being led to give against your will.

Free-will giving is a choice.  You can choose what to give, how to give, when to give and to whom you give.  In the New Testament Christians are encouraged to engage in free-will giving, and specifically, Spirit-led giving in which God’s Spirit leads you to make the right choices regarding your giving.  Furthermore, free-will offering/giving replaced the practice of tithing.

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