Warning: Your Preacher May Be Practicing Fear-Based Mind Control

SOME PREACHERS USE fear tactics as a means of coercing their congregations into paying so-called tithes or sowing financial seeds. Using fear to manipulate and/or control people’s behavior is actually a form of fear-based mind control. In the video I explore the influence of fear-based mind control in the Christian church.


Fear-based mind control is commonly associated with cults, secret societies and mass media, but fear-based mind control is also present in the Christian church.

Yes, the church.

And it’s more common than you think.

So what is fear-based mind control?

Let’s first review one definition of Mind Control as it relates to cults:

According SpiritWatch.org, cultic mind control is a process of either unconscious or intentional change of an individual’s behavior, thought, and emotional patterns through subtle, deceptive, and damaging means by unethical spiritual leaders who hold positions of trust and authority over them.

There are several techniques used in mind control, but here I will focus on one:


Based on the above definition of cultic mind control I submit to you my definition of fear-based mind control as it relates to the Christian church.

 Fear-based mind control (or FBMC) is the process by which trusted authority figures such as preachers use fear tactics to change a person(s) behavior, thought, and emotional patterns.

The use of fear-based mind control is commonly used by some preachers who are always trying to coerce or manipulate their congregations into tithing 10 percent of their income or sowing (financial) seeds. Many Christians are being exposed to fear-based mind control and don’t even know it.

Here’s an example:

A few days ago I was watching a prominent preacher give a sermon. During the sermon the preacher got on the subject of tithing. In her sermon she said:

“If you give God percent He’ll bless the 90 percent.”

Then she went onto say:

“If you don’t tithe the devil will take all of your money!”

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard some preachers say something to that effect in one way or another. Some preachers are constantly threatening their congregations with something bad happening to them IF THEY DO NOT TITHE.

If you are being exposed to this type of message, then you are being exposed to fear-based mind control.

Let’s break this fear-based mind control message down by first revisiting my definition of fear-based mind control.


Fear-based mind control (or FBMC) is the process by which trusted authority figures such as preachers use fear tactics to change a person(s) behavior, thought, and emotional patterns.

A message in which a preacher tells you the devil will take all of your money if your don’t tithes has all the components of fear-based mind control.

  • A Trusted Authority Figure: Preacher
  •  Fear Tactic: The devil will take all of your money.
  •  Change in Emotional Pattern: The congregation is now afraid. This fear causes a change in the thought pattern in the congregation.
  •  Change in Thought Pattern: The congregation now thinks paying so-called tithes will keep the devil from taking all of their money
  •  Change in Behavior Pattern: As a result the congregation pays so-called tithes and this reflects a change in behavior.

Of course this is just one example of how FBMC is used in the church.

So why do some preachers use FBMC tactics on their congregations?

Because It Works

 And this is why FBMC works:

Fear is a powerful emotion. By nature human beings FEAR bad or negative things happening to them. So consciously or subconsciously people do things to avoid the experiences they FEAR.

So Christians who fear that something bad will happen to them if they don’t tithe are susceptible to this type FBMC message. Even though this type of FBMC is effective using such tactics on the Body of Christ is not biblical.

The Bible teaches that:

 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7, KJV).

God doesn’t want you acting out fear. When you come under the influence of a preacher who uses fear-based mind control you have given your power, and in some cases your money, over to an unethical preacher. Also, fear and love can not occupy the same space at the same time. So when you act out of fear you have abandoned the Spirit of Love. Finally, a fearful mind is not a sound mind because when you’re overcome with fear you do not think rationally or use good judgment.

Free yourself from Fear-Based Mind Control

Reclaim the Power, Love and Sound Mind God has given you.


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1 comment for “Warning: Your Preacher May Be Practicing Fear-Based Mind Control

  1. Helen
    January 1, 2012 at 11:02 PM

    Dear Renee,

    Thank you for being so courageous by being willing to speak out; I can appreciate that it wasn’t easy to do.

    What is appalling is that so many preachers say “it’s God’s money.. It belong to Him.. and you’re under a curse if you don’t PAY.” It sounds like a bill to me, except it’s not God collecting the “payment” but those ministries. Therefore, they should be taxed on it!! They get around all the tax loopholes.. i.e. they don’t SELL their books, they send it to you ‘free’ for a “donation”.. The preaching of the Gospel that our Lord Jesus paid soooooo dearly for us to receive, has been turned into that den of thieves He got so angry about at the Temple. It is outrageous that these ministries threaten and intimidate people into tithing and don’t care about the flock’s welfare. They fleece the flock every week, live in completely unimaginable luxury while so many of Jesus’ beloved sheep, who work so hard all week can hardly pay their bills. Tithing DOES work!! For them ONLY!! Governments should tax them; as far as I can see they are running a business.



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