Tithing Testimonies Exposed

YOU MAY HAVE seen or heard those tithe testimonials.  For example, Christians claiming they received blessings, especially financial blessings, when they tithed.  How about the testimonials from those who said they were struggling when they didn’t tithe, and once they started tithing their situation improved for the better?

I’ll take for face value that the testimonials are genuine, but I pose this question:

Were they blessed because of the tithe or were their blessings the result of something else?

My answer:  The tithe had nothing to do with their blessings.

Why do I say that?

Well, tune in.  I’ll expose those tithe testimonials, and explain the real reason why SOME tithers receive blessings, miracles and breakthroughs.


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The Tithing Hoax


1 comment for “Tithing Testimonies Exposed

  1. Tonette
    October 24, 2013 at 6:30 PM

    Preach, Preach
    If people would just take a look at when we didn’t even have a relationship with the Lord he was blessing us. Now that we do have a relationship with him his grace alone is a blessing I have to admit I use to be caught up in the lottery blessing mentality. Its funny how things happen. I remember asking the Lord to help me understand this money thing and I kid you not I just stumbled upon the tithing hoax video. That was my first introduction to the truth about giving.

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