The Myth of the Monetary Tithe – Tithing Study (Part 2)

MANY PREACHERS TEACH that Christians must pay tithes in the form of money (i.e., 10 percent of your income). Even when the Bible makes it clear that the tithe did not consist of money, some preachers insist that a monetary tithe is justified.

One of the arguments used is that ancient biblical society was agricultural-based, therefore, paying tithes in the form of agricultural products was expected. And since we live in a money-based economy the tithe should be paid with money.

In this video I build upon the biblical definition of a tithe, and explore whether the above mentioned argument is biblical and valid. Part 2 of this teaching series is based upon Chapter 8 of  my book The Tithing Hoax entitled Tithing Did Not Consist of Money.

Scripture reference(s): Genesis 23: 15-16; Genesis 33:19 (KJV)



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