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The Bible is Not a History Book

YES, THERE IS history in the Bible, but the Bible is not a history book. What’s the point? Well, pro-tithers don’t always look at the biblical tithe within a historical context.  They rely only on what the Bible says or doesn’t say. For instance… They argue tithing stayed on after the Law of Moses.  Their […]

Should Preachers Get Paid?

IN THIS EPISODE of The Tithing Hoax Podcast, I discuss the issue of whether preachers should get paid?  Are congregations obligated to financially support its religious leaders?  Or is there something wrong about getting paid to preach the gospel?  Should preachers work full-time or part-time, while maintaining a “real” job?  Is ministry a “real” profession?  […]

Welcome to The Tithing Hoax Podcast

Let’s talk about what the Church doesn’t want you to talk about on The Tithing Hoax podcast. We are now on iTunes and reaching more people with the truth about tithes. We’re keeping it real, and we’re not pulling any punches. If you had enough of the “milk” from the pulpit, join us for some […]

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