Speak Your Way to Riches

IN THIS EPISODE of The Tithing Hoax Podcast, I discuss what’s missing from the “Grab It and Blab It” and “Name It and Claim It” teachings of the Prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith movements.

You’ll find out why speaking words of faith is not always enough to manifest blessings.

Today’s podcast is the last in a series in which I address the issues/questions sent to us from “Kim”.  The pastor of Kim’s church tells the congregation to confess, decree and declare over their finances.  The pastor also says they must believe in what they say.

The confessions include:

  • I will never be broke another day in my life
  • I will always have and never lack
  • Money cometh to me

Kim mentions that what he’s teachings “seems so true.”

Are these teachings true?  Is this sound doctrine?

Faith is a powerful spiritual principle that works.  Speaking positive words over your situation is a spiritual principle, as well.  Words are powerful, and they do help shape your reality.  You can speak things into existence.  However, I find that there is a missing element in many of the Prosperity Gospel and/or Word of Faith teachings that I’ve heard.

Tune in and find out what that missing element is.


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2 comments for “Speak Your Way to Riches

  1. Tonette
    July 10, 2013 at 8:08 PM

    Now I have gave money ,but never to where I couldn’t pay my Mortgage. What I think is going to happen is people are going to start to see this money dropping thing is not working for them. Their going to start looking at who is really benefiting. Here is a little nugget to go . If you ever want to find out about a person just put money into the mix. You find out everything you need to know.

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