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I PARTICIPATED IN a lively interview with Deidra Hughey of the Bonafide Literary Show. Tune in as we discuss everything from how not to go broke from going to church, the real problem with tithing in modern times, what tithing was originally meant for and how preachers truly do use the misunderstandings of tithing for their own benefit.

What you will learn in this episode must be shared with everyone you know who is a member of the Christian church.

Enjoy…and Share!

CLICK HERE and listen.

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  1. July 16, 2015 at 10:23 PM

    To be more convincing you need to explain why tithers are generally richer, not poorer, than non-tithers as proven by the large 2013 survey of 4,413 tithers according to

    You also need to explain why almost daily tithing testimonials on the 700 Club TV program strongly indicate tithing helps, not hurts people financially.

    For further study of the still valid tithing commandment visit http://TithingHelps.Us.

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