Is the Law of God Unfair?

IN THE FREE Tithe Study Guide I reveal that God did not require everyone in ancient Israel to pay tithes. Specifically, those who earned wage as skilled workers. One of our visitors who read the Study made the following comment:

Your viewpoint means the law of God was unfair. Some tithed others didn’t (because of their profession).

Another thing is the Bible never said the engravers and weavers, etc. didn’t farm or raise cattle.


Here are the big questions:

  • Why didn’t God require everyone to tithe?
  • If God didn’t require everyone to pay tithes, does that mean God was being unfair?
  • If God did not require everyone to pay tithes, then why are pro-tithing preachers saying ALL Christians must tithe?

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2 comments for “Is the Law of God Unfair?

  1. Tonette
    April 19, 2014 at 12:17 PM

    Great message Since we understand that the tithe is holy and freewill offering should be promoted in the churches. What will be some of the consequences for giving a tenth of your income verses giving free will offering . I had heard that giving what is not holy pertaining to tithe brings condemnation . True or false

    • R. Renee
      April 21, 2014 at 10:56 AM

      Under the Old Covenant, God had strict guidelines on how ancient Israel should tithe. If they did not tithe according to those guidelines they would be cursed.

      The so-called tithing that is practiced today does violate the Old Covenant Law. Technically speaking, Christians who practice the modern-tithe are placing themselves under the curse of the Law. According to scripture, a monetary tithe is not holy.

      The beauty of New Testament giving is that you can give anything (money, time, talents, etc.). There aren’t any restrictions on what you can give. Where money is concerned, you can give any amount.

      There is no condemnation in giving a freewill offering of any amount, even if it’s 10 percent of your income.

      What’s most important is that you give from your heart and/or give as the Spirit leads you. Just make sure it’s within your means.

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