I Was Wrong

IN THIS EPISODE of The Tithing Hoax Podcast, I discuss how ego keeps preachers from accepting and preaching the truth about tithes.

EGO is sometimes referred to as Edging God Out.  If a preacher is ego-centered, and not Christ-centered, it is hard for him or her to accept the truth about tithes.

There are preachers who have spent years teaching and preaching that you must tithe.  However, their ego (and arrogance) won’t allow them to entertain the thought that what they teach is in error.

EGO Trippin’

The EGO won’t allow them to admit they are in error.  The preachers don’t want to “look bad” in front of their congregation.

The EGO won’t allow those who know the truth to speak the truth.  If preachers told church members they don’t have to tithe that could possibly hurt the preachers’ pockets.  The EGO doesn’t want the preacher to lose money preaching the truth.

The EGO also gets in the way of repentance.  The root word is repent, which means to change one’s mind.  If more preachers accepted the truth about tithes, they would be forced to repent, to change what they teach and preach about tithes.

Where’s the Repentance?

In the midst of today’s EGO-driven ministries there’s little room for repentance.

One well-know Prosperity Gospel preacher did repent – Rev. Jim Bakker.  In the 70s and 80s he was the epitome of a preacher ballin’ out of control.  His PTL Club and the PTL Network generated $1 million a week.

Bakker lost everything after a sex scandal, and an indictment that landed him prison for 5 years.  In his book, I Was Wrong,  he admits that he really didn’t read or study the teachings of Jesus until he went to prison.

It was then that he realized the Prosperity Gospel message that made him rich was not supported by scripture.  Since then he has denounced the Prosperity Gospel.

Can you imagine any of today’s pro-tithing preachers telling their congregation that they are wrong about tithes?

Tune in, and let’s talk about what the church doesn’t want you to talk about.


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1 comment for “I Was Wrong

  1. Tonette
    September 26, 2013 at 7:12 PM

    Congrats on the number 2 spot for the Tithing Hoax.
    I had heard bits and pieces in the past of the story of Jim Baker. What is mind blowing is when he said he never really studied about Jesus, until he went to jail. Unfortunately a lot of believers are guilty of this very thing
    I have another co- worker of mine that says he doesn’t read the bible because he has hard time with understanding standard English language.
    I don’t buy it , most people feel as if just going to church is enough.
    If you really seeking for truth and a relationship with Jesus he will make a way for you to understand . Thank God for the podcasts , it really helps confirm things for me. Your really making a difference . Thank you

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