Author: R. Renee

R. Renee is an author, teacher and entrepreneur. As the co-author of The Tithing Hoax, she created The Tithing Hoax Blog as an additional resource for Christians seeking answers about the practice of tithing. Both the book and the blog are built on the same foundation: Sharing truth, knowledge and spiritual principles for the purpose of empowering others in every area of life.

3 Powerful Prosperity Principles for Your Life – Part 3

THE 3RD PROSPERITY Principle is Serving God. We read that King Hezekiah served in the house of God (2 Chronicles 31:21, KJV). Service is one of the key differences between the Prosperity Gospel and Biblical Prosperity. Unlike Biblical Prosperity, the Prosperity Gospel is a selfish, ego-centered theology. The Prosperity Gospel asks the question: What can…