Are Non-tithers Stingy?

“ARE NON-TITHERS STINGY?” is the second lesson in a 9-part teaching series entitled “A Pastor Rebukes Non-Tither.” In this teaching series we address the major points and/comments a pastor made in a letter to one of our YouTube subscribers. The pastor is pro-tithing and the YouTube subscriber does not practice tithing in any form.

In this lesson we will address the following statement, which is an exact quote from the pastor’s letter:

“Secondly, even if you started to tithe now you would not gain the benefit from it because you have a stingy spirit towards God.”


Key points addressed in this lesson:

1. The modern-day tithe is not biblical.
2. The biblical tithe does not benefit Christians.
3. Stinginess is not determined by whether someone pays so-called tithes or not.

Lesson Summary

The belief that Christians receives benefits from tithing is not supported by scripture. According to the Bible, the Lord the only commanded certain members of the ancient nation of Israel to tithe. The tithe command is one of 613 commandments of the Law of Moses. Any blessings or benefits associated with tithing were for ancient Israel ONLY. However, ancient Israel did not receive blessings just for tithing. Ancient Israel had to follow ALL 613 commandments to receive blessings (or benefits) from the Lord. Biblical tithing was practiced ONLY among ancient Israelites/Hebrews/Jews – not Christians.

In addition, a believer’s heart or spirit is not measured by the so-called tithe. The so-called tithe is not a reliable or justifiable litmus test for someone’s relationship with God. There are innumerable ways in which people express their generosity and love for God that cannot be measured by money. The so-called tithe is not an indicator of one’s faith, love or generosity.


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