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“This book is for those who need freedom from the bondage of fear, from those who misuse scriptures to promote the Mosaic Law, which Jesus already fulfilled by dying on the Cross.”

S. Mills – Amazon Reviewer

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What Our Readers Are Saying

“This book will teach you the difference between “tithing” using the Old Testament and “giving” using the New Testament.”
Byjyh040 – Amazon Reviewer

“I rated this book so high because this is a subject that many pastors or leaders don’t talk about, but the writers broke down the topic with scriptures that are over looked. I will recommend this book to other Christians that I know.”
Bythebest – Amazon Reviewer

“Concise, scriptural, non-judgemental; gave clarity.”
Catherlene B Hubbard – Amazon Reviewer

“It’s short, pleasant in tone, sufficiently sourced, and it did a great job of pointing out the difference between the Christian-favored “giving” and the Mosaic-law-mandated ‘tithing.'”
AuntMoxie – Amazon Reviewer

“If you want to know the truth about one of the most highly debateable issues within Christianity…..READ THIS BOOK!”
Saiko Woods – Amazon Reviewer

“I like the book because it is based on scripture and the message is very clear that there a lot of misunderstanding on the issue of tithing.”
G. L. Carter – Amazon Reviewer

“A GREAT book with solid Scripture as its foundation.”
Jerry K. – Amazon Reviewer

“I wish to thank the authors and the publishers for this book. I was especially impressed by the questions and answers section in the back.”
Ronald Robey – Amazon Reviewer


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About The Authors

In 2007 R. Renee and Cynthia Harper collaborated on The Tithing Hoax: exposing the Lies, Misinterpretations and False Teachings about Tithing. Since it’s release thousands of Christians round the world have embraced the truth about tithes and broken the yoke of the tithe deception.


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